1. Platz bei den English Olympics 2017

Unter der Leitung von Englisch-Lehrerin und Klassenvorständin Katharina Eder haben Dominik Balko, Pascal Frühwirth, Sarah Haiduk und Jessica Petrovic am 8.3. bei den English Olympics 2017 den 1. Platz für die NMS Schwechat-Frauenfeld geholt!

Das Team darf daher nun an der Landesmeisterschaft am 13. Juni 2017 in Persenbeug teilnehmen.

Die gesamte NMS Schwechat-Frauenfeld gratuliert herzlichst, ist unsagbar stolz und drückt ganz fest die Daumen!

Anbei eine kurze Beschreibung der Geschehnisse durch die teilnehmenden Schülerinnen und Schüler:

We – Dominik, Pascal, Sarah and Jessica, went to the English Olympics on the 8th of March and came back as WINNERS.

So here´s what happened: we were taken by a black taxi to Purkersdorf. The driver was a nice, tanned fellow. It took us 40 minutes to get there because there was a lot of traffic that morning. But when we got there it was worth it because the school was beautiful. When we arrived there a guide was assigned to take us to all the places where we had to do tasks. The tasks were quite challenging and we always had to work as a team. During a break we were spoiled with sausages, rolls, a yummy fruit salad and different juices. We thoroughly enjoyed the fun activities and in the end we were thrilled when we were announced as the winners of the competition.



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